How we helped Eco Agtube to migrate their website to Drupal 8 with new design and functionality

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EcoAgtube is a video sharing platform for people interested in sustainable agriculture and are interested in sustaining the environment around them and to showcase their experience and local innovations.

It is an initiative of the non-profit organization - Access Agriculture. It promotes agroecology and rural entrepreneurship through capacity development and South-South cooperation of quality farmer-to-farmer training videos in international and local languages.

EcoAgtube is a platform that can be used by anybody from tech savvy people to a layman to share their own video clips in any language to inspire the others!


Project Overview

  • The website was already built in Drupal 7 and the need was to rebuild the website in Drupal 8 with many improved features.
  • The aim was to build a new website retaining some data from the old website - such as videos, categories and users.
  • The website used AWS Elastic Transcoder to transcode videos into different formats supported by various devices. It was required to use AWS Elemental MediaConvert in its place.
  • It was required to use AWS CloudFront.
  • It was also required to create several other features on the website which made it a better platform for the users and the administrators.
  • The aim of the new redesign was to provide a better User Experience and be mobile friendly.
Project Overview - Eco Agtube

Our Approach

  • A brand new Drupal 8 install was set up and the data that was needed was migrated from the old website to the new website.
  • The drafts for the new design were created using Adobe XD. Then, it was all converted into HTML which was then built as a Drupal 8 theme.
  • We created custom modules for integrating AWS Elemental MediaConvert to the site. This would process videos in MP4, 3GP and MOV formats to various formats and qualities like 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p.
  • The AWS CloudFront is used to cache the website’s data and serve it fast across the globe.
  • The users on the website can upload videos to their channels which will not be published directly but will go through a moderation workflow where the admin/moderators will review the uploaded content for compliance and approve/reject it. Seamless notifications will be sent to the users and the admins/moderators during the various steps of this process.
  • We developed two kinds of analytics - One for channel owners and an overall site analytics visible to the website administrators.
  • The channel analytics shows how many videos are there in a user’s channel, the number of views their videos has got over the time, etc.
  • The website also has a playlist feature where a user will be able to add videos to playlists they create and share it with others.

Technology Used

Project Highlights

  • Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 migration
  • Newly improved design
  • Mobile responsive theme
  • Custom integrations with AWS technologies
  • Custom analytics features
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Older vs Newer Version

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Responsive Design For All Devices

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