Project Overview

This is the website of Media Education Lab of the University of Rhode Island, United States. Media Education Lab is a non-profit organization involved mainly in spreading Media Literacy around the globe. They do wonderful research in the field of Media Literacy in the World. The website showcases all about the Media Education Lab. 

The website is updated constantly for the events, seminars and Workshops that the Media Education Lab conducts. It is for all people like Educators, Teachers and for the Students of the Media Literacy background. It also lists many publications made by the members of the Media Education Lab.

Requirements and solutions

The goal of this project was to migrate the website to a higher version of Drupal as it was running on Drupal 5. Drupal 5 reached its end of life a far long time ago and it was time to move away from it. We migrated the site to Drupal 7 with all the content, users, modules, webform and webform submission data.

The website also required an entirely new design. A new theme was chosen which was modern and at the same time responsive to different mobile devices. The User Experience and the security of the website was greatly improved. Things were shown to the users in a more user-friendly way so users can easily find what they are looking for. 

Project Highlights

The website was made much more modern and secure, also improving the User Experience. Some of the highlights of this project are,

  • Drupal 5 to Drupal 7 migration

  • Website made more secure

  • Improved new design with mobile responsiveness

  • User Experience Improvement


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