Project Overview

The website is for the Project Mind Over Media of Media Education Lab of the University of Rhode Island. It is like a social media where people and students from the Media Education background upload content that is thought provoking and those things that go on this world involving emotions. The website is a platform to upload such content that can be potential “Propagandas” and it offers a way for its users to rate the propagandas and comment on each of them.

The project was collaborated with partners from Europe and hence it was made multilingual to support European languages. 

Requirements and Solutions


The website was built using a Python based CMS. Since it was a custom built CMS, the backend was not very friendly to operate. As this site involves commenting and the content is being uploaded by different users, it is necessary to moderate them. The Python’s backend was not easy to do this moderation in bulk. When the admin has to approve, disapprove or delete several comments at a time, it was not possible. One has to open each comment one by one and do the changes. Drupal changed this. 

The client wanted to make the website Multilingual which would have been a complex task on the Python based CMS. Drupal 8 had this by default and was way ahead than other CMS in this aspect. So, Drupal was our obvious choice.


We built the website in Drupal 8 and migrated all the content and comments to the Drupal 8 website. All the data migration was done by writing custom scripts as the database structure was different for the custom built Python CMS. There is no regular pathway to migrate the website to Drupal 8. We made it possible by writing custom scripts to match the data in the Python's database to the fields in Drupal's database.

The website was also made multilingual as the project involved a huge amount of European users. By building the website in Drupal, we made the commenting easy and secure as the website allows anonymous commenting. The moderation of comments are articles uploaded to the site was also made easy in Drupal.

Project Highlights

This project was had a great output as the website was made easy to use for both the admins and the users who use the website for educational purposes. Some of the highlights of this project are,

  • MultiLingual

  • Website made more secure

  • Commenting made easy

  • Content Moderation made easy


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