Sinter Machines

Project Overview

Sinter Machines is a machine manufacturer from India. Their machines are a new generation technology to produce polymer sand from waste domestic and industrial polymers. The polymer sand can then be used to created various eco-friendly products. Environment conscious industries can start investing in such production machines to create environment friendly products out of waste polymers. 

This is the official website of Sinter Machines and one can learn about their products and methods they use to produce such wonderful tiles.

Requirements and solutions

The requirements of this project was to create a custom theme for the website and converting it into Drupal 8 theme. First, the theme was built as PSDs and once the design for all the pages have been decided, the PSDs made in the previous step was converted into HTML. The HTML was then converted into a Drupal 8 theme mainly using paragraphs which give the admin the flexibility of rearranging sections of a page and it is easier to manage the content of different pages. The website has attractive gallery that displays the entire range of products that Sinter Machines produce and it also gives us information about their manufacturing process and also about the machines they use for manufacturing their products.

Project Highlights

Some highlights of this project are,

  • Graphic Design

  • PSD to HTML Development

  • Drupal 8 Website Development

  • Logo Design


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