Project Overview

It is a website of Suncor Stainless Inc. The website showcases a wide-range of stainless steel hardware products and related services. The website also has a Training Portal where their employers and partners can take up training to install their products. The website also has detailed product images and videos helping their customers use their products better. 

The website also has other services like Partner Training Portals, Knowledge Base in it. We migrated the website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 with improved security.

Requirements and Solutions

The requirements of this project were to migrate the website to Drupal 8 with all the content, webforms and modules. The Knowledge Base of this website was built using a PHP based distribution and linked to this site which was required to integrate into the Drupal site as well.

We migrated all the website's content to Drupal 8 and the Knowledge Base site was also built in Drupal 8. The Knowledge Base site being a separate site had a separate database and files. The functionalities in the Knowledge site was developed in the migrated Drupal 8 website and the data from the KB site was migrated to Drupal 8 by mapping the database fields to the new database fields of Drupal.

Project Highlights

This project was challenging as it involved migrating a non-Drupal website's data into Drupal 8 and also removing malwares in it and making it secure. Some highlights of this project are,

  • Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 migration

  • Making the website more secure

  • Integrating the PHP based Knowledge Base site to Drupal 8


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