WordPress to Drupal 9 migration for Create to Learn with new design

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Create to Learn

Create to Learn

This website is a companion website of Renee Hobbs’ book “Create to Learn: Introduction to Digital Literacy”. The website has two types of audience - students and teachers. It has study materials for students and teachers. It also showcases different student-created examples under different categories.


Project Overview

  • The website was built using WordPress several years ago with a simple design that has now become outdated and it was required to redesign and rebuild the website.
  • The website was not mobile friendly and it needed to be addressed.
  • The website was not offering a great User Experience and it needed to be improved.
  • The website also was very slow and the performance needed to be improved.
Project Overview

Our Approach

  • We migrated the data from WordPress to Drupal 9.
  • The website was redesigned from scratch. We built mockups in Adobe XD and converted them to HTML and the final approved designs were then built into a Drupal theme.
  • It was made sure that the design offers a great User Experience and at the same time is mobile-friendly.
  • The website was built using Drupal 9, the latest version of Drupal.
  • The performance of the website increased drastically with HTML, CSS, JS aggregation, and with aggressive caching mechanisms of Drupal 9.
  • The website was also simplified so that it is easy for users to find the information required quickly.

Technologies Used

Project Highlights

  • WordPress to Drupal 9 migration.
  • New improved design with great User Experience.
  • Improved security and performance.
  • Simplified website workflow.
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Older vs Newer Version

Create to Learn Online-old design
Create to Learn-new design

Responsive Design For All Devices

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