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We are experts in Drupal migration services. We migrate websites from lower versions of Drupal to higher versions. Also, we migrate websites from any other CMS or Non-CMS to Drupal.

Drupal Migration Services

Are you a owner of a Drupal website? If yes, this could be you! Drupal is a community project which is being developed and taken care of collaboratively. Drupal community releases new versions of Drupal once in every few years with several new features and great improvements in security. The previous version would be declared end-of-life after the latest released version becomes stable. It is always safe and a good idea to migrate to the latest version of Drupal to enjoy the latest features and it’s improved security.

Drupal Developers Studio is a top-notch Drupal development company equipped with Expert Drupal Developers that can handle your website’s migration and make it up-to-date and secure. Our developers are very well experienced in migrating complex and huge Drupal websites. We are here to migrate your Drupal website and guarantee that no data is ever lost during the migration. We also offer Drupal maintenance services for websites that we migrate.


Drupal is a community driven CMS which is developed by a huge community of developers. They release major versions of Drupal with new features and improved security every few years. When a new version of Drupal is released, say Drupal 8, the Drupal version released before the previous version is announced end-of-life. i.e., Drupal 6 becomes obsolete when Drupal 6 is released and Drupal 7 will become obsolete when Drupal 9 gets released and so on.

There are several problems with staying in an old unsupported version of Drupal. Some of which are,

    • No more security updates or patches are available and it is at your own risk to safeguard your website.
    • If you website was hacked or is facing a security threat, it is nearly impossible to save the website as the community no longer works for the older version of Drupal.
    • There are some companies out there to help you with the point number 2 but the pricing is hefty and is unaffordable for most people.
Drupal Migration


Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 Migration


Drupal 6 has reached it’s end-of-life 2 years ago when Drupal 8 was released. It means Drupal 6 will no longer supported by the Drupal community as the developers start concentrating on developing Drupal 8. No more security patches are released for Drupal 6 and it is at the owner’s risk to stay on it.

Drupal Developers Studio have Experienced Drupal Developers and migration specialists. Our migration specialists and Drupal developers have a minimum of 3 years experience in working with Drupal. We can help you migrate your website to a safer version of Drupal. We have handled migrations of Drupal 6 websites that were huge and complex.

Here is why you should move out of Drupal 6 –

    • Drupal 6 is no longer supported by the community and no more security patches will be released for Drupal 6.
    • Your website might be helpless when it gets hacked or runs into a security error.
    • No more modules will be available. So, no more contributed modules for new functionalities that you may need.
    • There are a few companies that offer maintenance and support for Drupal 6 but they charge a hefty amount just to look at your website and apply minor fixes!


Drupal 7 has been there for several years now and it has good features and modules for various functions. But, it has been almost 2.5 years since Drupal 8 was released in 2015. Drupal 8 has become stable and a number of great modules have been ported to Drupal 8 now.

Moreover, Drupal 8 itself comes with great new features and it is getting mature each day. By moving to Drupal 8, you can enjoy several advantages like,

    • Drupal 8 is the latest version of Drupal and will be supported for a longer period of time compared to Drupal 7.
    • The admin pages are mobile friendly by default and you can manage your website from any device and from anywhere.
    • Drupal 8 uses the fastest caching system that powers Facebook!
      You can now edit the content on your Drupal website from the front-end itself.
    • Multi-lingual, improved security, new theming engine, and much more…
Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 Migration
Drupal 4 or 5 to Drupal 8 Migration


What if you are still on a very old version of Drupal like Drupal 4 or Drupal 5? It is really time to upgrade your website to a safer version of Drupal like Drupal 8. We are experts in migrating Drupal websites from older unsafe versions of Drupal to safer versions of Drupal.

There has been so much improvements made to Drupal since Drupal 7 and 8 were released and you can enjoy them only if you upgrade to a latest version of Drupal. 


Is your website still running on Drupal 6? You don’t know which version of Drupal is best for you? We are here to help you! We always recommend to go with the latest version of Drupal that is available at any point of time (Drupal 8 at this time).

If your website is simple and if all the modules used in your website are available in Drupal 8 or if alternate modules are available for your website that can do exactly the same functions, your website is ready to be migrated to Drupal 8. If your website is really complex and most of the modules used are not available in Drupal 8, only then, we would suggest you to go with Drupal 7. In most of the cases, the website should be good enough to migrate to Drupal 8 and we have great experience in porting modules from one version of Drupal to another version of Drupal.

Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 Migration
Other CMS or Non CMS to Drupal Migration


What if your website is running on another CMS and you want to migrate it to a more secure platform like Drupal? Drupal Developers Studio is here to help you out. Our Drupal Experts are quite experienced in migrating content from various databases to Drupal databases. Most systems should provide us an API to move the content over to the Drupal database. If not, we will program our own custom scripts that will fetch data from your CMS and import it to the new Drupal database.

    Why should I Migrate to Drupal ?

    • Most powerful CMS compare to other CMS
    • Easy to customize
    • Advanced users management
    • 20000+ Free contributed modules
    • Excellent Security
    • Suitable for any size of website development.
    • Drupal ranked as the third most popular CMS in the world.
    • Drupal has largest open source communities in the world



If you need to add new features or improve your website’s functionalities and you need to migrate your website to Drupal (or migrate to a higher version of Drupal), it is the right time to do these improvements along with the migration.

Drupal developers at Drupal Developers Studio are well-equipped and have hands-on experience with migrating your websites to Drupal or within Drupal with new features. We have proven records of migrating websites to higher and stable version of Drupal along with addition of several new features and functionalities to the website.

We offer the following services along with the migration of your website –

    • Adding new functionalities or improving the existing functionalities.
    • Improving the design of the current website or redesign the entire website with a brand new custom theme.
    • Repair or fix any broken functionalities.
    • Improve the UI and UX of the website.
    • Optimize the website so it is perfectly compatible for SEO.
    • Social Media Integration.
Feature addition during Drupal Migration



    • Reduce 30 to 40 % of web development and maintenance cost.
    • All our Drupal developers have a minimum of 3 years experience with Drupal.
    • Excellent support, during and after development.
    • We strictly follow Drupal’s coding standards.
    • We train you promptly after development and provide appropriate documentation.
    • Seamless communication that enhances productivity of your project.
    • We have great experience in migrating complex Drupal websites
    • We offer custom solutions unique to your website at affordable prices.
    • Proven methodology & development processes
    • 24 x 7 Customer Support and Website Monitoring
    • Passion for Open Source Technologies
    • Satisfied and happy customers throughout the US
    • Great contributors to the Drupal community
Why Hire Drupal Developers Studio


How can I find the version of my Drupal website?

You can find the version of your Drupal website from the “Status Report” page of your Drupal website’s backend. Once you are logged in to your website’s backend as an admin, navigate to Reports > Status Report to see the current version or you can go to this URL (by replacing it with your website’s name) – www.yourwebsitename.com/admin/reports/status

Which Drupal version should I choose to migrate my website to?

We always suggest you to migrate your website to the latest version of Drupal available at any point of time. Like Drupal 8 currently. If your website needs good security, has online payment system, or contain confidential data, it is highly recommended that you migrate to the latest version of Drupal to stay secure.

Have you migrated complex Drupal websites before?

Yes. We have handled a number of complex websites that had more than 200,000 content (nodes), 300,000 + users and 250+ modules in them. We’ve also ported several custom modules from Drupal 6 to 7 and 8.

Will there be any data loss during the migration process?

No. There will not be any loss in data after the migration process. What data you have in your existing Drupal website will all be there in the migrated website. All the users, content, and module data, form submissions, etc will be migrated with zero loss. Unless you choose to ignore some parts of the website, we will migrate every bit of data over to the newer version of Drupal.

Can you migrate my website to newer Drupal version with all the existing content but with a different design?

Yes! If you are looking to revamp the way your website looks, it is best to do along with the Drupal migration. We will make sure that the website looks fresh with a great new design and with all the data it had before.

Do you have experience in migrating websites running on other CMS to Drupal?

Yes. We have great experience in migrating the websites from other CMS like WordPress, Joomla, custom PHP CMS or even custom Python CMS.

Have you migrated HTML websites to Drupal?

We also have excellent experience migrating HTML websites into Drupal websites with the same design and content. We have migrated over 30 websites from HTML to Drupal 8.

How do you workout the migration?

Drupal migrations and very important parts of maintaining a Drupal website and it needs a lot of care and caution while performing an update. There are several things that need to be done before we update a Drupal website.

It depends on your website how we do the migration – which platform your website is built on, the version of Drupal you want to migrate to, if you don’t want to migrate a part of the website or it’s content to Drupal, etc. However, here are the general steps that we follow to migrate a website –

  • Analyze your website to see how it is built already.
  • Figure out the architecture of the new website.
  • Organize a strategy to migrate content to the new Drupal website.

Will you also maintain my website after you migrate it?

Yes. We offer 1 month free Maintenance if we migrate your website. After that, you can opt-in to a maintenance pack based on your needs. We have a team dedicated only for Drupal website maintenance. We have different Maintenance packages for all types of websites from small business to enterprise applications.

How do I get started if I need to migrate my Drupal website?

Just get in touch with us and give us access to a recent backup of your website and we will let you know the best suggestions and what it takes to migrate your website to the latest version of Drupal.

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