Project Overview

Artkabinett is a platform for art lovers to interact with each other and showcase their artworks and do much more. They can interact with each other by sending messages. People on artkabinett already can invite other people to join the platform. Users of artkabinett can put up their artworks for sale and people who are interested in buying it can get in touch with the owners all through the platform. 

The website has other unique features like Kab-O-Meter which shows temperature of a user according to the user's activity on the site. The site also shows if a person is online or offline. The website is also multilingual and is available in 3 languages. The website also is able to send newsletters from within the website and is updated daily with an art related news.

Requirements and Solutions

The primary goal of this project was to migrate the website to Drupal 7 as it was running on Drupal 6 which became obsolete. The website over the time has grown into a huge one with a lot of content and users. It had more than 200,000 content, 3,000+ users and over 240 modules in it when we migrated. It also had a few custom modules that were built to perform the site specific functions. It was also required to give the website a fresh look and make it responsive to mobile devices.

We migrated all the content, modules, forms, form submission data, users and associated information over to Drupal 7. A new Bootstrap based theme was chosen for the migrated website which was responsive to mobile devices at the same time. Several blocks were rearranged and pages were all customized according to the new theme and made sure that they are easy for the users to access and understand. 

Project Highlights

The website was a huge one with large amount of content, modules and users in it. Some highlights of this project are,

  • Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 migration

  • Custom site specific features like Kab-O-Meter

  • Multilingual 

  • Migrated more than 200,000 nodes to Drupal 8


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