Project Overview

Periscope Network is a European Organization which focuses on a greener environment by supporting and providing financial advice to technological improvements that does not affect the Earth. We installed one of our themes, YG Flew in their website and customized it according to their needs. 

The Periscope Network is a collaboration platform for people of the Blue Market and they can interact with each other generating more business and other marketing ideas. 

Requirements and solutions

The requirements of this project was to customize one of themes for their website. It involved mostly of site building and Theming tasks. The website lists various news in the field of Blue Market under the title "Spotlight" and various reports under the title "The Analyst". The styles for these were not readily available in the theme. We created those display styles according to the client's ideas. The website also displays it's partners and the employees in each partner companies. We created a system that tags users on the site to different companies and displays them on the respective partner pages.

Project Highlights

Some highlights of this project are,

  • Drupal 8 website building

  • Drupal 8 Theme Customization


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