Work Slick

Project Overview

Work Slick is an IT Recruiting Agency which helps connect the job seekers and potential employers. The website is a platform for both job seekers and job providers. It has separate platforms where the job seekers and job providers have facility to upload their information. The job seekers can apply for jobs by uploading their information and the job providers can register with Work Slick and post their job requirements on the website. They also offer recruitment services for Corporates.

The website serves as a platform to connect employers with employees and also provides information about other services which Work Slick offers for recruiting better resources for corporates.


Requirements and solutions

The requirements of this project was to create a custom theme for this website. This website also has a feature where it accepts submissions from two kinds of users: 1. Job Seekers and 2. Job Providers. The Job seekers have facility to upload their personal information, photo, resume, salary expectation, etc. The Job Providers can submit information of their company, their job requirement, skillset needed, etc. The website was also built using a custom made theme in Drupal 8. First the theme was built as PSDs and once the design for all the pages have been decided, the PSDs made in the previous step was converted into HTML. The HTML was then converted into a Drupal 8 theme mainly using paragraphs which give the admin the flexibility of rearranging sections of a page and it is easier to manage the content of different pages. 

Project Highlights

Some highlights of this project are,

  • Graphic Design

  • PSD to HTML Development

  • Drupal 8 Website Development

  • Logo Design


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